Moon Black Hoodie

Product description

This ones for all my moon babies who prefer a oversized hoodie Perfect for Cozy days at home or out and about. This hoodie is unisex, so grab one for your partner and you can match! Based on my moon Phase tattoo on the side of my foot, I wanted to bring it to life. I have always felt very connected to the moon and never used to understand why. The moon is a symbol of femininity, wisdom, intuition, renewal and the cycle of life. Each phase holds its own magic and power, representing the ebb and flow of life. Each cycle is a humble reminder of the light and shadows that exist all of us. I have always believed that if the moon controls the tides of the ocean and we are made up of 80% water, her power and pull on all of us is strong, bringing about different emotions and energy to the surface throughout each cycle.

Technical description

  • 100% cotton

GBP 40.00 / EUR 46.00 / USD 52.00

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